Protective Items Proposed Change

     My third attempt to post the compilation of the thread I've made on Official HoN Forum. This time the topic is about items on protective section. Keep in mind this change also includes current item outside the category but proposed to be the one included.       I forgot to give an announcement that this post and the previous posts are represented based on version 4.9.2 HoN patch so these kind of posts could have the revised version on future post. Barrier Idol Besides  Barrier Idol  current state, there are proposed changes: Application cooldown heals 20 health per non-DoT magic damage taken. Thought Process This change is proposed to make application cooldown a feature than a burden. Daemonic Breastplate The complete change to the  current one . Components: Helm of the Black Legion + Platemail  + Recipe (925g) = 4500 gold Stats: 250 health + 10 armor + 6 health regeneration + 50% chance of 80 (40 to ranged user) deflection Passive: -4.5 armor aura & -20% base attack dama

Supportive Items Proposed Changes (Aura)

     Personally, I prefer makes pointer intro as my previous post did than creating this lengthy sentence full of wishy washy words in it before going to the point. As the reason why I chose this type of writing this time is because the default format this blog provides as the front page is a huge mess when it comes to pointer intro as my previous post did. Well, I could choose not to care but let me try this method for the second post and probably it is better this way in long run. This time I compile my suggestion involving aura items as the title of this post stated. Any items outside the category the title has said will be detailed explained on next post with appropriate topic. Dreamcatcher Besides the current state of  Dreamcatcher , there are proposed changes: Complete change on components into Refreshing Ornament ,  Soultrap ,  Fortified Bracer , and 210 gold recipe so the total cost is 2050 gold. Complete change on stats to grant 14 Strength, 10 Agility, and 10 Intelligence. Pr

Brands Proposed Changes

Intro As the name implies, this post suggests the changes on Brand variants (i.e., Firebrand, Icebrand, proposed Shadowbrand, and Lightbrand). This post won't discuss other items in detail outside the Brand variants so they will be discussed in detail on next post. Visit here to immediately know the next post on this blog. Feel free to leave a comment or two here. Lightbrand (and its line of items) Besides the current state of Lightbrand (and its line of items), there are proposed changes: Replace magic lifesteal with shield generation per percentage of mana cost (30% to Lightbrand , 35% to Frozen Light & Searing Light , 40% to Dawnbringer , and 45% to Grimoire of Power ) Replace Searing Modifier with bonus mana regeneration by 0.5 per charge, up to 4 charges. A charge is reduced per 225 distance closer to a visible enemy hero. The generated shield per percentage of mana cost is capped at 325 to Lightbrand , 400 to Frozen Light & Searing Light , 475 to Dawnbringer , and